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Marco x-Xarabank ta' Malta




Marco is an old yellow and orange bus who lives on the island of Malta. He can talk in many languages. Marco loves to help children to learn to read with him. He likes to have adventures, as he drives around the sunny island. Marco is very interested in Malta’s history and he has become very clever by taking the children to exciting places.

Marco also has imaginary adventures. Marco likes to dream about being alive a very long time ago. He gets the children to join him in his dream world where they become Roman children and he becomes a chariot.

Marco also helps people right now by rescuing tourists when they are lost. Marco talks to lots of other friends such as Boris the Bendy Bus.



Nifi is a pretty cat who was given to Marija and now sleeps on the bus. She often helps the children when they are in trouble. Nifi loves to play games with the children and goes on all their adventures. Nifi is very clever although sometimes she gets stuck in trees and has to be rescued by Marija. Often Marija cannot find her but the children usually see Nifi first.



Marija is Marco’s driver who talks to him using a special computer inside the bus. Marija likes new clothes and is driving her bus while she studies to go to university. She loves singing and swimming too. Sometimes she finds herself in the middle of Marco’s adventures. Marco lives outside Marija’s house and is often used as a school bus so they both meet many children. Sometimes Marco is naughty and takes everyone to places where he wants to go, and not to school.