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Marco x-Xarabank ta' Malta

Congratulations to Mirjana and Mario

27 November, 2014

Back Welcome to  Margita.  A third person beginning with "M" in the family, as a teenager she will love you for that.  My daughter Mary Evans (the author and broadcaster) was just as "pleased" to find her Mum, Margaret Evans opening post addressed to Ms M Evans. Mirjana is translating Marco the Malta Bus into Croatian but has taken some time out to have a baby!  Mario Sammut,  her partner is our great recording engineer.  What fun we had in Malta on that very hot day recording the Maltese Audio CD.  A memorable day including the special coffee which never did get made for Margaret but everyone else enjoyed theirs in the studio I understand.  Mario generously gave us lunch and we look forward to recording the Croatian and more languages in Malta. Congratulations to Margita and all her family from the Marco the Malta Bus team Margaret Angele Richard and Malcolm